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This market research report also includes up to date analysis and forecasts for various product segments, including medium-weight, light-weight, and heavy-weight conveyor belts. Request sample report: http://bit.ly/1sbRqRc One of the major drivers for the growth of the global conveyor belt market is rising demand for steel cord rubber belts. Steel cord conveyor belts are used in many applications in heavy industries such as coal, automotive, metal, and mining industries. Steel conveyor belts have a longer life span than any other type of conveyor belt, said Sharan Raj, one of Technavios lead analysts for warehouse and storage research. The process of steel cord rubber belts with a nominal work load is 10-12 times smaller than that of the synthetic fabrics belts. This results in transportation of loads over longer distances, added Sharan. Global conveyor belt market by product type 2015 (revenue %) Medium-weight conveyor belt 30.52% Source: Technavio research Global conveyor belt market by lightweight conveyor belts The global conveyor belt market by lightweight conveyor belts was valued at USD 1.7 billion in 2015. Some of the major factors that have led to the growth of this segment are process automation, market globalization, and competition. Competition and globalization have inspired equipment manufacturers to keep up with the latest in lightweight and energy efficient designs. Process automation has given rise to heightened demand for belts that often require properties of a lightweight belt design.

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